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Understanding PTSD and transition-related mental health issues

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) (hyperlink to research page) is a mental health condition that arises from exposure to or witnessing a traumatic event.  It is highly prevalent among frontline services and military veterans, causing a range of symptoms, such as acute anxiety, traumatic flashbacks, and nightmares.  There is also a high likelihood of addiction in PTSD cases.  While most veterans may initially struggle with adjusting and coping, they typically recover with time and proper self-care. However, some individuals experience worsening symptoms that can last for years, impeding their day-to-day functioning and leading to suicide, in some cases.  Sadly, between 1996 and 2018, 1086 veterans took their own lives. Therefore, timely and effective treatment is crucial in managing PTSD symptoms and improving functionality, but this is often challenging to obtain in the UK.

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What are transition-related mental health issues? 

Along with the impact of PTSD, many veterans will experience severe and profound mental health issues including depression and anxiety, substance abuse, isolation, loss of their sense of purpose and possibly traumatic injuries to their brain and loss of limbs.

Learn more about PTSD and the impact of transition-related mental health conditions here (hyperlink to research page)


Quantifying our Impact: The real cost of change

Our programme prioritises the development of coping skills, resilience building, and confidence-boosting to empower individuals and promote their overall well-being.  We aim to support veterans to rise above their trauma and become confident, strong members of their communities. These individuals possess a clear understanding of their condition, are involved in the decision-making process of their care, and exhibit healthy behaviours and a higher quality of life.  In short, success in our programme is characterised by empowered individuals who are equipped with the skills and resources to lead fulfilling lives filled with purpose and meaning. Our programme can help reduce the burden on the current health care system and provide veterans with the much-needed care they require.

Our programme offers progressive healing and a reduction in cost over time, as the veterans engaged within it are given the tools to support and sustain their healing process and overall recovery.
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