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We adopt a candidate-up approach to deliver the VTRN RESET programme. 

Our core management team, comprising high-calibre experts in psychotherapy and business transformation, corporate networking, PR and marketing, and the ministry of defence, combined with a board of advisors featuring industry-leading expertise in mental health, top executives from NHS, public and private sectors, and the ministry of defence, ensures a comprehensive strategy to fulfill our mission, delivering both expertise and real-world value.

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Lets shape the future collaboratively for veterans and their families!

VTRN RESET Mission: At VTRN RESET, we empower service leavers and veterans who are suffering from mental health crisis, transition-related issues, and lack of vision to reclaim their lives and self-actualise. We achieve this through our Joint Service Partnership Model, which at its core is an intensive 10-day retreat designed by a team of experts in psychotherapy, neuroscience, mindfulness, relaxation techniques, nutritional science, and physical and somatic therapy. Each veterans’ transformative journey is supported by a clear vision and ongoing personal development plan, ensuring their brighter, more fulfilling future.

VTRN RESET Vision: Our vision at VTRN RESET is to spearhead the transformation in the management of mental health crisis for those affected by conflict. Commencing locally in the UK and extending our influence to a global scale, with a particular focus on post-conflict Ukraine.

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