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We are a Social Value Enterprise and Community Interest Company (CIC) which aims to empower veterans who are suffering from PTSD and associated mental health issues to help them reclaim their lives.

Our purpose is driven by a passion and commitment to helping veterans and their families to adjust to the transition and realities of civilian life, whilst managing and coping with the exigencies of transition-related mental health conditions, such as severe anxiety and depression. The impact of these kind of issues, not only upon the veterans themselves, but also upon their family and friends, can be devastating.

The transition into civilian life, after a several periods of active service within the armed forces, poses a number of challenges, including finding new employment, financial pressures, re-educating, lack of physical and emotional support and sometimes, homelessness, which is then, very much compounded by profound mental health struggles such as PTSD. In serving their country, the aftermath and impact upon our veterans can truly destroy, and sadly, end lives. 

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As noted by The British Medical Journal, ‘Military-related trauma can be difficult to treat’.

Similarly, The British Journal of Psychiatry estimates that the rate of PTSD among UK Veterans of all conflicts to be 7.4% compared to the rate of 4% amongst the general population.  Additional statistics reveal that veterans deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan over the last two decades sits at 9.4%,  compared to a lower rate of 5% amongst those that did not deploy to either conflict. 

Many veterans need specialised, individual treatment, which has been designed and catered for them based on clinical engagement.

This is why we founded VTRN RESET.

What is the ‘Reset’ and how do we help?

We offer a comprehensive healing experience through a Joint Service Partnership model (hyperlink), which, at its core, is an intensive 10-day retreat in a group setting in Costa Blanca, Spain. The programme is designed by a global team of experts in psychotherapy, neuroscience, mindfulness, relaxation techniques, nutritional science, and physical and somatic therapy. 

Working closely with mental health professionals specialised in PTSD and other associated mental health issues, we tailor our programme to each individual veteran’s needs, preferences, and stage of healing, providing them with a beacon of hope and a clear vision for a brighter, more fulfilling future.

Our passion for helping veterans, combined with our personal and professional experience, allows us to deliver this life-changing programme.

Help us, to help many others, reclaim their lives from the impact of transitionary mental health struggles.

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